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UT2003 Patch 2199
February 16 2003 By:  Be$t
Yet another patch for is out for Unreal Tournament 2003. This one should fix the security issue discovered lately, plus a metric ton of other things.

Grab it here.

3DMark2003 Released
February 12 2003 By:  Be$t
waauv, the 1st post of the year :). Guess it took a while for something interesting to pop up. Well, FutureMark has released a new version of their popular benchmarking program 3DMark2003.

This puppy weighs 177MB, and there's a list of links here.

Happy New Year
December 31 2002 By:  WhiteDog
A happy new year goes out to all of Voodoo.dk's visitors. Voodoo.dk is going into it's 5th year, and Im sure this forthcoming year will be even more boring than this one.

X-Mas v2.002 Released!
December 24 2002 By:  Be$t
Just wanna wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It's been a really slow year here at voodoo.dk, but that's just because we're lazy.... No fear though, we're gonna be just as lazy next year :-).......

Splinter Cell Demo
December 22 2002 By:  Be$t
The PC version of the Splinter Cell Demo is now available. The 101 MB file offering a sample of the stealthy third-person gameplay of the upcoming PC version of this Tom Clancy game.

Grab it here.

DirectX 9 Released
December 21 2002 By:  Be$t
DirectX 9 has been released. Not much to say about it, except that you want it....

Grab it here

UT2003 Patch 2166
December 21 2002 By:  Be$t
New patch out for UT2003 bringing it to version 2166. Adds a bunch of fixes...

Grab it here.

Rallisport Challenge Demo
November 20 2002 By:  Be$t
Microsoft has released a playable demo of RalliSport Challenge, the recent rally sim by Digital Illusions. The demo offers "4 cars from the game's 29 machines on 4 very different tracks, 3 AI cars, and various weather conditions."

Grab it here. (221 Mb)

GeForce FX Revealed
November 19 2002 By:  Be$t
Finally nVidia has revealed their next GPU, the GeForce FX (NV30). Here's a little snip from the GeForce FX homepage:
The NVIDIA® GeForce FX GPU ushers in a new era of graphics and gaming. With the GeForce FX powering your graphics experiences, you can run applications and games at higher resolutions and at speeds never before possible. Everything a bleeding-edge gamer desires is packed inside this powerhouse of a processor, including the latest high-speed DDR2 memory, an expansive AGP 8X pipeline and unparalleled Intellisample technology—driving scenes of unrivalled beauty at unmatched speeds.

Power and performance, the two elements every gamer craves, are the heart and soul of the GeForce FX. Powered by pure adrenaline and engineered with a passion for perfection, the GeForce FX delivers cinematic effects beyond imagination. Its CineFX engine produces gaming effects on par with the hottest motion pictures. Combined with the industry’s first true 128-bit studio-quality color processing technology, 3D worlds and characters are more real than anything that’s come before
3DGPU.com has posted a bunch of links to previews here.

UT2003 Patch 2136
October 30 2002 By:  Be$t
Epic has released a patch for UT2003. This patch fixes a billion things, so check out the list of changes and download the file here.

Medal of Honor: AA Spearhead - Gold
October 30 2002 By:  Be$t
cut'n'pasted this from Blue's News. Dave Nash, lead designer on Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead, EALA's expansion for Medal of Honor, the World War II shooter, sends word that it is gold. According to Dave, the add-on is expected in stores on November 12.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 - Gone Gold
October 16 2002 By:  Be$t
EA sends word that Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 has gone gold. Here's the news:
"Attention racing fans! Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 PCCD has officially GONE GOLD and will be in stores on Monday, October 21. Need For Speed™ (NFS) is back and better than ever in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2! Engage in the thrill of arcade racing with over 22 exclusive and exotic cars from the world's most coveted licensors including Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini… to name a few. 12 tracks (48 variations) and two career event trees, for a grand total of 66 events, provide the widest variety of driving challenges. The PC version will support up to eight-player LAN/Internet racing."
And if you haven't already tried it, remember to download the NFS: HP2 Demo here. (92.4Mb)

UT2003 Demo Patch
September 17 2002 By:  Be$t
Epic has released the 1st patch for the UT2003 Demo. Here's the fixes:
- Fixed support for Voodoo3 / Matrox G400.
- Fixed initial framerate hitches in network play.
- Fixed the jittery screen updates in the server browser when sorting by ping.
- Fixed a possible DoS attack in the server code.
- Fixed a few other minor potential crashes.
Grab it here. (3 Mb)

UT2003 Demo Out!!!
September 15 2002 By:  Be$t
Finally..... mirrors are listed here.

Update (Simm): Danish mirror here

UT2003 Demo This Week (Perhaps.......)
September 11 2002 By:  Be$t
Mark Rein posted the following on the official forum:
Hi Folks,

The demo is nearly ready to go. It should be out sometime within the next few days. Keep watching this space (the stickies) for an announcement. When it's ready we'll just be releasing it randomly to a few major sites so that hopefully it will spread like wildfire and everyone will be able to get it from their favorite games site. There won't be any special exclusives or anything like that. We want everyone to be enjoying it the minute it goes live.

More details to follow, keep watching this space.
Apparently Mark soon realized that giving an actual deadline is dangerous, so he also posted this little bit:
I'm expecting the demo to be out sooner than 5 days but things have a way of cropping up and biting us in the ass so you never know. It could be as early as tomorrow or as late as the weekend but I'm pretty confident that it's this week.